Big Roll Turf

Big Roll turf is available in a roll size of approximately 15m² compared to our 1m² standard turf. Big roll format is the ideal choice to quickly and efficiently turf large open areas.

Big roll turf is quick to lay and can help reduce installation costs.

Fewer joins in the turf can create a quicker passage to use.

Turf is less susceptible to "shrinkage" if laid during a dry spell. However, this is not a substitute for responsible watering.

Tractor mounted, offset laying frames are avaiable to assist with the installation of each roll.

Big roll format is approximately 25m x 600mm.

Big Roll Turf

Ordering and installation

Each roll of turf weighs approximately 500kg and you should ensure you have suitable machinery to manoeuvre and install each roll. Prepare a good firm soil bed or alternatively use boards to support the weight of the tractor transporting each roll of turf. This should help negate any deep wheel markings.

We have tractor mounted, offset laying frames available. There is no hire fee for these although there is a charge to cover the cost of its collection and return to us. The turf is easily loaded onto the frame and will unroll as the tractor moves steadily forward. As each row is laid, it should be “snugged” together manually using a rake or similar tool.

Most of our products can be harvested and delivered in big roll format with the exception of our Rootzone Greens and Wildflower Turf varieties.