Big roll turf comes in 15m2 per roll compared to the 1m2 per roll of standard small roll turf. Big roll turf is cut 600mm wide by 25m long.

There are several benefits of using big roll compared to small roll:

  • Big roll turf is quicker to lay which means that laying costs are reduced.
  • Because there are fewer joints the turf is less susceptible to shrinkage.
  • The appearance is neater at the end of turfing.
  • The turfed area can be used earlier.

Each roll weighs about half a tonne and needs to be handled with a forklift.

We supply laying frames that can be attached to the 3-point linkage on the rear of a compact tractor. The turf is easily loaded onto the laying frame. As you drive along the turf unrolls. The laying frame is off-set to avoid the tractor travelling on the previous strip of turf. At the end of the line the laying frame is flipped over to enable the tractor to come back in the other direction.

Bear in mind that the weight of the turf and associated machinery is greater than standard small roll laying. Because of this the prepared soil must be firm to avoid putting “wheelings” in the surface. Alternatively, boards can be used to support the weight of the tractor.

Typically men with rakes are employed to snug the turf into position.

Big roll turf is more expensive than our standard roll turf, but savings in laying labour more than offset the extra cost. The is no hire fee for the laying frame, but there is a charge to cover its collection and return to us.

Most of our range of turf can be cut in big roll with the exception of greens on USGA root zone and wild flower turf.

We provide a laying service for big roll turf. Please contact us for a quotation.

For more information on our big roll turf please call 01522 704949.